Bioethanol-project lives on

21. marts 2018

Maabjerg Energy Center is still in dialogue with potential commercial partners and investors. Right now, we are looking at different consortium models and possible technologies.

Maabjerg Energy Center are still working on plans of a bioraffinadery in Maabjerg near Holstebro. On the raffinadery traw is to be converted into 2nd generation bioethanol. The project is going smoothly, Vestforsyning CEO Jørn Zielke says. He is chairman of the consortium responsible for the bioethanol project.

"Over the last six months there has been good dialogue with a number of possible international partners, with positive interest in the project," Jørn Zielke says.
Much has happened in the development of biofuels since the Maabjerg Energy Center presented its original Project plan more than six years ago.

"The 2G industry is currently in a transition phase, which awaits the outcome in relation to the European framework conditions for biofuel, which will apply from 2030.
At the same time, a technical clarification is expected in relation to possible technologies that can be used at Maabjerg Energy Center, Jørn Zielke explain and continues:

- Things are happening internationally: India has put money in twelve 2G plants to supply the Indian market, and China will introduce an E10 standard that will require a huge amount of ethanol. So, if we can get started here Northwest Jutland, maybe we can teach the Chinese something.

In the summer of 2014, Maabjerg Energy Center received commitments of DKK 293 million in EU funding from NER300 funds. The parliament has since helped in several areas to help the project, most recently with the creation of a special reserve for the promotion of advanced biofuels.

Previously particular, the EU support has been in focus, because there was a backbone for when the project was to be completed. The EU has shown goodwill in regard to adjusting the timetable and therefore there is no haste right now.

"We expect a clarification of the technology before the summer vacation, and then the dialogue with investors, decision makers and officials must take it’s time. The project is alive, and is good, but we need some peace to give the project the best opportunities for realization. Therefore, you should not expect new notifications from us unless we have something concrete, Jørn Zielke says.